Christian Churches of God

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The Sabbatarians in Transylvania A_B2
Passover Calendar 2014 (A_P2014)
Statement of Beliefs of the Christian Faith (No. A1)
CCG Standing Operating Procedures (No. A3)
Bible Study Program (No. B1)
Bible Study Program for Children (No. B1_1)
Waldensians (No. B2)
Clement of Alexandria: Stromateis - Book 3 (No. B3)
On the Words: Monogenes Theos in Scripture and Tradition (No. B4)
Creation: From Anthropomorphic Theology to Theomorphic Anthropology (No. B5)
The Socratic Doctrine of the Soul (No. B6)
Mysticism Chapter 1 Spreading the Babylonian Mysteries (No. B7_1)
Mysticism Chapter 10 Summary of Volume 1 The Origin of World Religions (No. B7_10)
Mysticism Chapter 2 The Egyptian Gods and the Exodus (No. B7_2)
Mysticism Chapter 3 The Golden Calf (No. B7_3)
Mysticism Chapter 4 Judeo-Christianity (No. B7_4)
Mysticism Chapter 5 Islam (No. B7_5)
Mysticism Chapter 6 Origins of the Indian Religious Systems (No. B7_6)
Mysticism Chapter 7 Buddhism (No. B7_7)
Mysticism Chapter 8 East Asia - China and Japan (No. B7_8)
Mysticism Chapter 9 South East Asian Systems (No. B7_9)
Mysticism Volume 1 The Origin of World Religions (No. B7_A)
Mysticism Bibliography (No. B7_B)
Introduction to Mysticism (No. B7_i)
The Treatise of Ermengaudus (No. B8)
Creation versus Evolution (No. B9)
Evolution and the Out of Africa Theory (No. B9A)
New Moon and Holy Day Calendar (No. C3)
Funeral Service (No. D1)
Marriage Ceremony (No. D2)
Baptism Ceremony (No. D3)
Speaker's Guidelines (No. E1)
God Revealed Chapter 1 Ancient Monotheism (No. G1)
God Revealed Chapter 1-I Introduction (No. G1-I)
El Shaddai Song Introduction (No. H1)
The Law of God (No. L1)
Preface and Introduction to the Law of God (No. L1A)
The Elect as Elohim (No. 1)
The God We Worship (No. 2)
Frequently Asked Questions Series 1: The Nature of God (No. 3)
Questions and Answers on the Christian Faith (No. 3b)
Selecting the Ministry (No. 4)
Tattooing (No. 5)
Mark 5:21-43 (No. 6)
Symbolism of Numbers (No. 7)
Catholicism Frequently Asked Questions (No. 8)
Freedom and Responsibility (No. 9)
Giving (No. 10)
Steps to Overcoming Sin (No. 11)
One Bread, One Body (No. 12)
The Body of Christ (No. 12B)
The Sign of Jonah and the History of the Reconstruction of the Temple (No. 13)
Psalm 8 (No. 14)
The Food Laws (No. 15)
Let the Dead Bury Their Dead (No. 16)
The Development of the Neo-Platonist Model (No. 17)
He Calls Them by Name: A Study of Psalm 23 (No. 18)
Christ's Age at Baptism and the Duration of his Ministry (No. 19)
Commentary on Haggai (No. 21)
Gideon's Force and the Last Days (No. 22)
Are We on the Right Path? (No. 23)
The Angel of YHVH (No. 24)
Mark of the Beast (No. 25)
One Throne Two Pretenders (No. 26)
Ruth (No. 27)
Fire From Heaven (No. 28)
Lambs of God (No. 29)
Timeline of the Churches of God (No. 30)
The Sabbath (No. 31)
Lord of the Sabbath (No. 31b)
Swearing By God (No. 32)
Musical Instruments in Worship (No. 33)
The Spirit of Adoption (No. 34)
Why was Abraham called "the Friend of God"? (No. 35)
The Fall of Egypt (No. 36)
Fall of Egypt Part II: The Wars of the End (No. 36_2)
How to Ask a Question (No. 37)
Signs in the Heavens: Part I (No. 38A)
The Heavenly Signs of the Sixth Seal in Context (No. 38B)
The Cross: Its Origin and Significance (No. 39)
The Beatitudes (No. 40)
The Dilemma of Youth (No. 41)
Blessed are Those Invited (No. 42)
The Devil's Designs (No. 43)
The Warning of the Last Days (No. 44)
Sons of Ham: Part I (No. 45A)
Sons of Ham Part II: Cush (No. 45B)
Sons of Ham: Part III Mizraim (No. 45C)
Sons of Ham: Part IV Phut (No. 45D)
Sons of Ham: Part V Canaan (No. 45E)
Sons of Japheth: Part I (No. 46A)
Sons of Japheth Part 1A: The Sons of HN (No. 46A1)
Sons of Japheth Part II: Gomer (No. 46B)
Sons of Japheth: Part III Magog (No. 46C)
Sons of Japheth: Part V Javan (No. 46E)
Sons of Japheth: Part VI Tubal (No. 46F)
Sons of Japheth: Part VIII Tiras (No. 46H)
The Shofar and the Silver Trumpets (No. 47)
The Doctrines of Demons of the Last Days (No. 48)
Seven Days of the Feasts (No. 49)
The Significance of the Wedding in Cana of Galilee (No. 50)
Passover Questions and the Reasons for Our Faith (No. 51)
Repentance and Baptism (No. 52)
Hebrew and Islamic Calendar Reconciled (No. 53)
The Name of God in Islam (No. 54)
FAQs in Islam (No. 55)
Keeping the Feasts (No. 56)
FAQ Bible Study Old Testament (No. 57)
FAQ Bible Study New Testament (No. 58)
FAQ Bible Study General (No. 59)
FAQ Bible Study Comparative Religions (No. 60)
Anger (No. 61)
Role of the Christian Woman (No. 62)
Commentary on Esther (No. 63)
Commentary on Esther Part II: Purim in the Last Days (No. 63B)
The Seven Spirits of God (No. 64)
The Leaven of Pentecost (No. 65)
From David and the Exilarchs to the House of Windsor (No. 67)
The False Messiah (No. 67B)
Hittites in the House of David (No. 67C)
Formation of the Christian Churches of God (No. 68)
The Acts 15 Conference (No. 69)
The Ascents of Moses (No. 70)
The Angel and Abraham's Sacrifice (No. 71)
Conversion and Truth (No. 72)
Samson and the Judges (No. 73)
The Cult Mentality (No. 74)
The Blessings and the Curses (No. 75)
Binitarianism and Trinitarianism (No. 76)
Ditheism (No. 76B)
Christ and the Archangel Michael (No. 76B2)
Origins of Radical Unitarianism and Binitarianism (No. 76C)
Effects of 20th Century Churches of God Doctrine on the Nature of God (No. 76D)
Sanctification of the Nations (No. 77)
How to Determine the Day of the Next Conjunction, Easily (No. 78)
The Basis of Biblical Leadership (No. 79)
The Judgment of the Demons (No. 80)
Consubstantial with the Father (No. 81)
The Relationship between Salvation by Grace and the Law (No. 82)
The Koran on the Bible, the Law, and the Covenant (No. 83)
Know Ye Not? (No. 84)
The Basis of Christian Living (No. 85)
Faith and Works (No. 86)
Psalms from the Temple Worship (No. 87)
The Original Doctrines of the Christian Faith (No. 88)
Heresy in the Apostolic Church (No. 89)
Cursing the Fig Tree (No. 90)
Abraham and Sodom (No. 91)
The Soul (No. 92)
Preparation for the Passover Meal on the Night of Watching (No. 93)
Our Dwelling Place (No. 94)
The Millennium and the Rapture (No. 95)
Distinction in the Law (No. 96)
First and Second Statements of the Covenant of God (No. 96B)
The Holy Days of God (No. 97)
The Passover (No. 98)
Significance of the Footwashing (No. 99)
Significance of the Bread and Wine (No. 100)
The Night to be Much Observed (No. 101)
I Thirst (No. 102)
The Lord's Supper (No. 103)
The Lord's Supper (No. 103A)
Procedures for the Lord's Supper (No. 103B)
The Works of the Law Text - or MMT (No. 104)
Moses and the Gods of Egypt (No. 105)
The Old and the New Leaven (No. 106a)
The Wave Sheaf Offering (No. 106b)
The Seven Great Passovers of the Bible (No. 107)
The Meaning of Ezekiel's Vision (No. 108)
Ezekiel 34 and the Shepherds of Israel (No. 108B)
The Tongues Question (No. 109)
Theory of the Just War (No. 110)
Teach Us To Pray (No. 111)
Praying to Christ or Beings other than the Father (No. 111b)
Forgiveness (No. 112)
Reconciliation through Forgiveness in the Temple of God (No. 112B)
Proverbs 30 (No. 113)
Proverbs 31 (No. 114)
Pentecost at Sinai (No. 115)
The Names of God (No. 116)
The Holy Spirit (No. 117)
The Problem of Evil (No. 118)
Genealogy of the Messiah (No. 119)
The Harvests of God, the New Moon Sacrifices, and the 144,000 (No. 120)
Micah 5:2-3 (No. 121)
General Distribution of the Sabbath-keeping Churches (No. 122)
The Fate of the Twelve Apostles (No. 122B)
The Death of the Prophets and Saints (No. 122C)
Leaving Babylon (No. 123)
Commentary on the UCG Doctrinal Paper: Should Christians Observe New Moons? (No. 124)
Letter to the Churches of God re the New Moons and the Hillel Calendar (No. 124B)
The New Moons (No. 125)
David and Goliath (No. 126)
Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127)
Binitarian and Trinitarian Misrepresentation of the Early Theology of the Godhead (No. 127B)
Melchisedek (No. 128)
Encouragement and Discouragement (No. 130)
The Mysteries of God (No. 131)
The New Moons of Israel (No. 132)
Eternal Life (No. 133)
Joshua, the Messiah, the Son of God (No. 134)
The Witnesses (including the Two Witnesses) (No. 135)
Trumpets (No. 136)
Measuring the Temple (No. 137)
Atonement (No. 138)
Ingathering (No. 139)
The Seven Seals (No. 140)
The Seven Trumpets (No. 141)
Wars of the Last Days and the Vials of the Wrath of God (No. 141B)
The Fall of Jericho (No. 142)
The Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143)
Heaven, Hell or the First Resurrection of the Dead (No. 143A)
The Second Resurrection and the Great White Throne Judgment (No. 143B)
The Eternal Kingdom of God (No. 144)
Song of Songs (No. 145)
Fruit of the Holy Spirit (No. 146)
The Deity of Christ (No. 147)
The Toronto Blessing, Hysteria and Demon Possession (No. 149)
The Sacraments of the Church (No. 150)
God and the Church (No. 151)
The Covenant of God (No. 152)
The First Commandment: The Sin of Satan (No. 153)
The Nephilim (No. 154)
The Gender of the Holy Spirit (No. 155)
God's Calendar (No. 156)
The Sabbath and the Lunar Cycle (No. 156B)
The Origin and Basis of the Karaite Division (No. 156C)
Commentary on Isaiah Part IV: Messianic Prophecy through Isaiah to Hezekiah (No. 157D)
Frequently Asked Questions: The New Moons (No. 158)
Timing of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection (No. 159)
The Purpose of the Creation and the Sacrifice of Christ (No. 160)
Tithing (No. 161)
The Sin of Onan (No. 162)
Christ and the Koran (No. 163)
The Bible (No. 164)
Alleged Bible Contradictions (No. 164B)
Antinomian Destruction of Christianity by Misuse of Scripture (No. 164C)
Antinomian Attacks on the Law of God (No. 164D)
Antinomian Denial of Baptism (No. 164E)
Forgeries and Additions/Mistranslations in the Bible (No. 164F)
On Immortality (No. 165)
The Fallacy of the Third Resurrection (No. 166)
Arianism and Semi-Arianism (No. 167)
Truth (No. 168)
Numbers 20:1-13 (No. 169)
The Role of the Fourth Commandment in the Historical Sabbath-keeping Churches of God (No. 170)
The Commission of the Church (No. 171)
Forming a Church (No. 171B)
Search for the One True Church of God (No. 171C)
Born Again (No. 172)
The Omer Count to Pentecost (No. 173)
The Government of God (No. 174)
Tishri in Relation to the Equinox (No. 175)
The Pre-Advent Judgment (No. 176)
Psalm 45 (No. 177)
Psalm 110 (No. 178)
The Song of Moses in Exodus 15 (No. 179)
The City of God (No. 180)
The Other Side of Star Wars (No. 181)
Tongues Were to Cease When? (No. 182)
Vegetarianism and the Bible (No. 183)
The Oracles of God (No. 184)
Socinianism, Arianism and Unitarianism (No. 185)
Christianity and Childrearing (No. 186)
How God Became a Family (No. 187)
Role of the Family (No. 187B)
Wine in the Bible (No. 188)
We Are Not Saved by Good Works (No. 189)
Preparing for the Passover (No. 190)
Jeroboam and the Hillel Calendar (No. 191)
The Day of the Lord and the Last Days (No. 192)
Introduction to the Godhead (No. 193)
The Place of Safety (No. 194)
The Calendar and the Moon: Postponements or Festivals? (No. 195)
Distortion of God's Calendar in Judah (No. 195B)
The Ark of the Covenant (No. 196)
The Origin of the Wearing of Earrings and Jewellery in Ancient Times (No. 197)
God Our Saviour (No. 198)
Lost Sheep and the Prodigal Son (No. 199)
Love and the Structure of the Law (No. 200)
Deuteronomy 20 (No. 201)
The Nicolaitans (No. 202)
Start of the Month and the Day (No. 203)
The Doctrine of Balaam and Balaam's Prophecy (No. 204)
Colossians 2:16-17 (No. 205)
Commentary on the UCG Doctrinal Statement on the Calendar (No. 206)
The Blind Man (No. 207)
Modern Christian Fundamentalism: A Contradiction in Terms (No. 208)
Balance (No. 209)
Advent of Messiah: Part I (No. 210A)
Advent of the Messiah: Part II (No. 210B)
The Significance of the Term Son of God (No. 211)
Sons of Shem: Part I (No. 212A)
Descendants of Abraham Part II: Lot, Moab, Ammon and Esau (No. 212B)
Descendants of Abraham Part III: Ishmael (No. 212C)
Descendants of Abraham Part IV: Sons of Keturah (No. 212D)
Descendants of Abraham Part V: Judah (No. 212E)
Descendants of Abraham Part VI: Israel (No. 212F)
Sons of Shem: Part VII Charts for P212A-212F (No. 212G)
Descendants of Abraham Part VIII: Thirteen Famines of Rebellion (No. 212H)
The Moon and the New Year (No. 213)
Azazel and Atonement (No. 214)
DNA Change Rates: Modern Science vs. The Bible (No. 215)
Messiah and the Red Heifer (No. 216)
Golgotha: the Place of the Skull (No. 217)
Global Warming and Bible Prophecy (No. 218)
Global Warming: Historical Cycles (No. 218B)
The Last Thirty Years: the Final Struggle (No. 219)
The Etymology of the Name of God (No. 220)
Respect of Persons (No. 221)
The Golden Calf (No. 222)
Lucifer: Light Bearer and Morning Star (No. 223)
Isaiah 9:6 (No. 224)
Introduction to Christianity (No. 225)
Role of Messiah (No. 226)
God's Feasts as they relate to the Creation (No. 227)
Lazarus and the Rich Man (No. 228)
Arche of the Creation of God as Alpha and Omega (No. 229)
The Use of the Term Hypostasis (No. 230)
Old Mill Yard Tract (No. 231)
The Virgin Mariam and the Family of Jesus Christ (No. 232)
Elijah? (No. 233)
The 18 Restored Truths of Herbert W. Armstrong (No. 233B)
Valley of Dry Bones (No. 234)
The Origins of Christmas and Easter (No. 235)
Article on Christmas and Easter (No. 236)
Christ and Deity (No. 237)
Calling the Peoples to Jerusalem (No. 238)
Why Is Passover So Late in 1997? (No. 239)
Abracadabra: The Meaning of Names (No. 240)
Sanctification of the Temple of God (No. 241)
The Death of the Lamb (No. 242)
The Pre-Existence of Jesus Christ (No. 243)
The Doctrine of Antichrist (No. 243B)
Genesis 22, Judaism, Islam and the Sacrifice of Isaac (No. 244)
Josiah's Restoration (No. 245)
The Doctrine of Original Sin Part I The Garden of Eden (No. 246)
On Hymns in Christian Worship (No. 247)
Doctrine of Original Sin Part 2 The Generations of Adam (No. 248)
Rome's Challenge: Why do Protestants keep Sunday? (No. 249)
Reading the Law with Ezra and Nehemiah (No. 250)
The Fall of Jerusalem to Babylon (No. 250B)
Purification and Circumcision (No. 251)
The First Great Commandment (No. 252)
Law and the First Commandment (No. 253)
Law and the Second Commandment (No. 254)
Law and the Third Commandment (No. 255)
Law and the Fourth Commandment (No. 256)
The Second Great Commandment (No. 257)
Law and the Fifth Commandment (No. 258)
Law and the Sixth Commandment (No. 259)
Law and the Seventh Commandment (No. 260)
Law and the Eighth Commandment (No. 261)
Law and the Ninth Commandment (No. 262)
Law and the Tenth Commandment (No. 263)
The Dutch Connection of the Pilgrim Fathers (No. 264)
The Genetic Origin of the Nations (No. 265)
Origin of the Christian Church in Britain (No. 266)
Eating Together in Worship (No. 267)
The Unitarian/Trinitarian Wars (No. 268)
False Prophecy (No. 269)
The Messages of Revelation 14 (No. 270)
PAUL: Part I Paul and the Law (No. 271)
Outline Timetable of the Age (No. 272)
Timetable of the World Wars and the Kings of the East (No. 272B)
Blue Ribbons (No. 273)
The Sabbath in the Qur'an (No. 274)
Offering (No. 275)
The Pinata (No. 276)
The Quartodeciman Disputes (No. 277)
Sacrifice Offering (No. 278)
Epistle of James (No. 279)
Jesus the Christ, King, Priest and Prophet (No. 280)
Rachel and the Law (No. 281)
Rule of the Kings Part I: Saul (No. 282A)
Rule of the Kings Part II: David (No. 282B)
Rule of the Kings Part III: Solomon and the Key of David (No. 282C)
Rule of the Kings Part IIIB: Man as the Temple of God (No. 282D)
The Pillars of Philadelphia (No. 283)
Deuteronomy 12:17-28 (No. 284)
The Juma'ah: Preparing for the Sabbath (No. 285)
Significance of the Year 2000 (No. 286)
Birthdays (No. 287)
The Last Pope: Examining Nostradamus and Malachy (No. 288)
Annex A (No. 288a)
Marriage (No. 289)
Forty Years for Repentance (No. 290)
The Inquisition in Britain: Forty Decades for Repentance (No. 290B)
Sanctification of the Simple and Erroneous (No. 291)
FAQs on Ezekiel Chapters 36-48 and the Sanctification of the Temple (No. 292)
Polygamy in the Bible and the Koran (No. 293)
War of Hamon-Gog (No. 294)
Leah and Rachel (No. 295)
Predestination (No. 296)
Commentary on Zechariah (No. 297)
War with Rome and the Fall of the Temple (No. 298)
World War III: Part I The Empire of the Beast (No. 299A)
WWIII Part II: The Whore and the Beast (No. 299B)
Commentary on Daniel Chapter 7 (No. 299C)
2012 and the Antichrist (No. 299D)
The Man of Sin and the Apostasy (No. 299E)
Antichrist in Early Church Theology and the Last Days (No. 299F)
The Golden Jubilee and the Millennium (No. 300)
Introduction to the Commentary on the Koran (No. Q1)
Recipes for the Days of Unleavened Bread (No. R2)